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  • TCPD Goes National with a Free Trial Podcast - 2019-2020

    First of all, we have to welcome into the profession and to membership of SLAS, the 2019 cohort of new colleagues. With 27 members, this was the largest group that has taken the programme although not all members were doing the whole programme this year. As can be seen from the photographs, this at least looks like a superb new cohort of future colleagues and, from our training programme, we have every confidence that they will take the profession successfully into a future which has, by courtesy of Esther Robertson and others such as the Competition and Markets Authority, suddenly begun to look ominously interesting.

    Michael Franklin, Michael Cunningham, Andrew Mack, Calum Thornton, Lewis Barn

    Sheila Mackintosh, Kaitlin Boswell, Jasmine Ferguson, Antonia Jones, Nicola Cathcart

    Alannah Sloss, Taylor Muir, Laura McGurnughan, Matthew Albiston, Laura Robb, Luci Petrescu, Amrit Singh Pawar, Laura Barnett

    Lauren McGhie,

  • FREE TRIAL PODCAST - Trainees Continuing Professional Development (TCPD)


    Trainees Continuing Professional Development  (TCPD)

    This message is for the attention of trainee solicitors who require to take the TCPD programme and an application form is attached for the joint Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow (RFPG)/ Scottish Law Agents Society (SLAS) TCPD programme which will run fromJanuary to June 2020 with additional – non mandatory-  involvement available through until the end of 2020.

    First of all find attached an application form which you may download, complete and send to the Scottish Law Agents Society 166 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 2 LW or DX 266 Glasgow along with a remittance for £100 in payment of the deposit against the total course fee of £900.

    Then see attached also an application form for one year’s free membership of SLAS which you should also download, complete and return along with the TCPD application. You will be free to terminate your membership of SLAS after the first year without any payment

  • Proposed Changes to the Accounts Rules Consultation

    25th July 2019

    Proposed Changes to the Accounts Rules Consultation - Please read and let us have your views [email protected].


    Dear Sirs,

    I am emailing about the proposed addition to the Accounts Rules discussed at the Society’s recent AGM.

    At that meeting there appeared to us to be an acknowledgement by those present as to why the rule might be necessary, but concern that perfectly legitimate private client business would be outlawed. It was suggested at the meeting that this concern could be addressed if the Rule were amended to reflect the terms of the Master Policy, namely that solicitors can carry out business “customarily carried out” as a legal service. We have altered the proposed rule to reflect the terms of the Master Policy, and a copy of that is attached.

    Ahead of the AGM the Society also circulated draft guidance for comment. At the meeting there

  • Regulation of Solicitors - Short Video Presentation and the Questions

    To view the presentation, please click here -

    1. Are you of the view that the government has indicated an intention to transfer the regulation of the provision of legal services from the judicial to the executive branch of state authority?
    2. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be consistent with the rule of law with particular reference to the doctrine of the separation of powers? If that transfer is not so consistent, is that likely to prevent it from taking place?
    3. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be consistent with the independence of the legal profession?
    4. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be in the interests of the public?
    5. Do you consider it now to be appropriate for the professional individuals responsible for the
  • 12 Point Summary of SLAS Opposition to the Roberton Review

    1. The Rule of Law
    The Report has taken no account of the Rule of Law, the doctrine of separation of powers of
    legislature, executive and justiciary which is the foundation of the rule of law.
    The Scottish Government (SG) will appoint persons to the new regulator. Warnings of
    ignoring this are cf. Zimbabwe, Turkey and Poland.

    2. We already have external regulation -external from solicitors and Government.
    The Regulatory Committee (RC) of the Law Society of Scotland (LSS) was set up to be separate from the LSS. This has proved so in practice. The RC is under the Lord President of the Court of Session as part of the Judiciary, which respects the rule of law. MSPs worked hard for a solution to external regulation, found it and enacted it only 9 years ago.
    The Roberton Report does not acknowledge this and will unpick what MSPs tried so


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